The Studio School welcomes applications from Aboriginal students entering Year 10 who have a desire to learn, grow and realise their full potential.

There are seven stages in the application process outlined below.

1. Formal expression of interest

Begin the application process by completing an Expression of Interest form and submitting it to Sheryl Chaplin at

Once we have received your Expression of Interest form an application pack will be sent to you. This pack contains all the information needed to begin your application, including an application and medical form.

2. Apply

Fill out and return the application and medical forms provided in the application pack. At this stage, you will be required to provide:

  • general contact information
  • medicare and Centrelink details
  • medical history
  • vaccination records
  • written statements from the applicant detailing their goals, aspirations and motivations for joining the Studio School.

Due to high demand, applications are waitlisted for the following year or until a place becomes available at the Studio School.

3. Initial interview

Students that proceed beyond the waitlist stage are invited to attend an interview with the Executive Director (or delegate) and their parent/guardian.

This meeting provides an opportunity to discuss the prospective student’s suitability for the program, schooling and behavioural history and assess whether the student meets the Studio School selection criteria.

4. Follow up interview

Applicants who meet selection requirements are invited to a follow-up interview with the Executive Director (or delegate) and their parent/guardian.

This meeting is an opportunity to find out more about the program, ask questions and provide any outstanding personal or medical information.

Following this interview, the Executive Director will make a recommendation to the Principal regarding the suitability of the applicant for the Yiramalay program.

5. Invitation to attend Induction

Successful applicants will receive a preliminary letter of offer from the Studio School Principal. This letter invites the student to attend the three-week Induction program, which takes place at the Yiramalay site.

The parent/guardian will need to return the signed Acceptance of Offer documentation before the student can commence Induction.

Once signed paperwork is received, the Program Coordinator will be in contact to make travel arrangements and discuss the requirements of the induction program.

6. Post-Induction review

All students must successfully complete the three-week Induction program before officially enrolling at the Studio School.

Successful completion of the Induction program relies on:

  • teacher assessment of the student’s academic potential, attitude, readiness to learn, participation and guardian support.
  • feedback from community members and Elders
  • the Executive Director and Program Coordinator’s recommendation.

7. Offer of enrolment

Successful graduates of the Induction program will receive a written offer of scholarship to complete Years 10, 11 and 12 at the Studio School.

All forms, including Abstudy application, must be completed upon acceptance.