Our students’ and graduates’ personal and professional achievements are evidence of the transformative power of education.

Yiramalay graduates’ success reaches far beyond the individual, impacting communities throughout Australia and contributing to the story of reconciliation.

Retention and completion

Retention of Yiramalay students in the senior years is significantly higher than the national average for Aboriginal students.

Retention and completion rates

Pathways to the future

85% of Yiramalay students go on to employment or further education. We also see measurable improvements in student health including a reduction in smoking and other drug taking, improved sleep and physical fitness.

Pathways to the future

Our students use their skills, knowledge and confidence in employment across a broad range of industries:

Industries of employment
Agriculture 15%
Education 15%
Community Service 15%
Conservation 15%
Retail 18%
Construction 11%
Mining 7%
Defense 4%

"Studying a Diploma in Digital Media and Technology at RMIT has helped me realise that Yiramalay and the Learning in Residence program have prepared me well for life after graduation. The transition from school to living and learning independently has been easy. Yiramalay also gave me the drive to keep moving forward with what I intend to get out of life. I want to finish my diploma then complete an advanced diploma and then a bachelor degree, that will hopefully get me into the gaming and animation industry. I enjoyed Yiramalay very much. The on-country learning experience was fantastic and staff and peers acted as my family away from home."

Torey Brooking (OW2017)

"As a child I always wanted to join the Defence Forces. Over time I started to think about what I wanted to do and having family that managed and owned boat tours back home pushed me towards the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). I made the decision that I would pursue a career in the RAN when I fin¬ished Year 12. The Studio School helped me in every way possible, providing accommodation, assisting me in writing my application, taking me to interviews, medical appointments and sorting out paper work. I could not believe it when I was finally accepted and after 11 weeks of training. I have made many new friendships, had some amazing experiences and learnt many new skills. There have also been days when I am sleep de¬prived and expected to take in a lot of information in a very short time, which makes my head spin. I have taken on these challenges and it has made me realise how much my time at Yiramalay made me what I am today. Thank you to everyone who helped me on my journey, I am very grateful for the opportunity given to me and I hope to make you all proud."

Tenielle Francis (OW2016)

"Before I started Yiramalay I had no confidence and didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life. I never thought I would be standing on that stage feeling confident and proud of the person I have become. I have made lifelong friends and connections with many people, stepped out of my comfort zone and learnt to be a leader, helping others in need and being a good support for other Aboriginal kids in the program. My goal for the future is to provide support and help for children, particularly Indigenous children, caught up in the juvenile justice system."

Indigenous students doing work experience Mario Rex (OW2018)

"I am currently studying a Bachelor of Arts Extended at the University of Melbourne, attending Queens College, a residential college in Parkville. Yiramalay helped me greatly throughout high school through supporting me and encouraging me to reach my full potential in my education with the VCE program. The mentors at Yiramalay were a great help in assisting me with university applications and I can say happily that they are a big reason for me being where I am now. Through university I have been able to get an internship with BP, where I will gain valuable experience in the human resource sector. For current and potential Yiramalay students I ask you to make the most of the journey you are undertaking and to always strive for excellence in your education."

Brigalow MchIntosh (OW2018)

"I have made lots of friends while at Yiramalay and I am very excited at being selected as a Jira model through the contacts and the networks I have made in Melbourne. Thanks to Yiramalay, I am a much more compassionate person and open to new opportunities that come my way. I want to pursue modelling and train in sports management and work with youth in my community."

Mediline Wunungmurra (OW2018).
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