A Studio School education enables Aboriginal students to reach their potential by improving educational, community, health, social and employment outcomes.

Aboriginal youth within the Kimberley region and beyond face multiple barriers to gaining and maintaining access to education. For Aboriginal children living in isolated communities across Australia difficulties in accessing education are exacerbated by distance, logistics and the limited choice of schools and the range of subjects available.

With your support, we will continue to transform Aboriginal lives and communities and create positive change through education. Moreover, the program opens the minds of the Wesley College Melbourne community, bringing greater understanding, acceptance and respect for Australia’s first people.

Our funding

The Studio School relies on state and federal government funding. However, this does not provide the capital needed to shape the future of Yiramalay, which can only advance through the generosity of our benefactors.

Why your gifts matter

All donations we receive through the Yiramalay Foundation help change lives. Your generosity not only positively impacts current Aboriginal students and their families, but also makes a difference to whole communities – both now and into the future.

We welcome donations of all sizes. Find out more about the funds you can contribute to:

Scholarship Fund Building Fund

Contact us about giving

To discuss how you can contribute to changing the lives of Aboriginal Australians, please contact the Yiramalay Foundation on +61 3 8102 6696 or email foundation@yiramalay.net

"Yiramalay is a highly innovative and valued program that changes lives; it deserves enthusiastic support."

The Honourable Fred Chaney AO - Former Minister for Aboriginal Affairs and Foundation Co-Chair Reconciliation Australia
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