Studio School students follow a daily schedule that provides structure and routine. These daily routines allow students to develop the skills and healthy habits necessary for independent living, further study and work.

As well as discipline, organisation and time-management skills, students learn the value of personal care and wellbeing, reflection and community contribution.

Yiramalay daily schedule

At the Yiramalay site, the daily schedule includes carefully balanced experiences that reflect the three circles of learning: Industry Learning, Academic Learning and Personal Development.

The schedule allocates specific time for nutrition and exercise, personal reflection, on country learning, practical work and community building.

Morning: Industry Learning/community work

Students start the day by contributing to the upkeep of the school, working alongside mentors to clean, tend the garden or work in the kitchen. This develops a strong work ethic and teaches students about teamwork and personal responsibility.

Late morning/early afternoon: Academic Learning

Students participate in academic learning both inside the classroom and on country, applying the curriculum to a variety of relevant contexts and situations.

Afternoon and evening: Personal Development/cross-cultural learning

Students explore their interests and culture through a flexible program of activities including hunting, cultural lessons, dance, sport or reading. This helps students to wind down from the day’s learning and engage with their cultures and passions.

Melbourne schedule

Yiramalay students undertaking the VCE pathway live and learn with Wesley College Glen Waverley students, attending daytime classes and boarding on campus.

Studio School students follow the same schedule as Wesley College boarding students, which consists of structured academic, cocurricular, evening and weekend activities.

Yiramalay students interact and form friendships with their Wesley College peers, and experience life at one of Australia’s leading independent schools.

To find out how Glen Waverley’s boarding facility, Learning in Residence, supports students’ academic, social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, visit the Wesley College website.

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