Two-way learning connects people from different cultures and backgrounds and enables them to learn with and from one another.

Learning with and from one another

At Yiramalay, learning goes both ways. The Studio School’s Aboriginal students come to Yiramalay from communities across Australia and learn about each other’s cultures, traditions and languages.

Two-way learning also takes place between the Studio School’s Aboriginal students and Wesley College’s Melbourne-based students. This sharing of knowledge, backgrounds and experiences is mutually beneficial. It helps all students become wiser, better informed global citizens, and also fosters respect, understanding and empathy.

Teaching the teachers

Two-way learning between students is supported by the Studio School’s staff of teachers, mentors and local Elders.

Regardless of their background or position, all staff at Yiramalay understand their role as both teachers and learners. Our staff constantly participate in two-way learning – learning from Yiramalay students, the land, the local community and each other.

An approach that brings people together

The two-way learning approach builds confidence and knowledge and supports the Studio School’s overarching vision – to offer a hands-on educational experience that champions:

  • intercultural understanding that encourages the union of ideas and solutions to strengthen communities
  • respect for cultural heritage and protection of the environment
  • feelings of solidarity and equity for all.

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