The Senior Years Preparation Program (SYPP) ignites a passion for learning and prepares Year 10 students for further study or work.

After graduating from the three-week Induction program, Yiramalay students study the SYPP.  Throughout this Year 10 program, learning is tailored to students’ individual interests and abilities and is delivered using Aboriginal ways of knowing techniques.

The SYPP is modelled on the program Yiramalay students undertake in Years 11 and 12 – the Senior Years Learning Framework (SYLF). As with the SYLF, learning in the SYPP occurs across three circles: Academic Learning, Personal Development and Industry Learning.

Across all three learning circles, the SYPP fosters curiosity, perseverance, humility, openness and self-reflection.

The Year 10 Academic Learning program:

  • develops knowledge in areas such as literacy, numeracy ICT and language and culture
  • combines compulsory core academic subjects with electives, enabling students to achieve academic competency while exploring their individual interests.

The Year 10 Personal Learning program:

  • develops student’s self-worth, self-awareness, health and wellbeing
  • encourages independent and collaborative work across a series of health and physical education, personal and social learning activities.

The Year 10 Industry Learning program:

  • enables students to experience variety of workplace situations and undertake formal work experience
  • focuses on decision-making, teamwork and leadership skills as well as workplace safety, career pathways and planning.

Upon completion of the SYPP, students undertake the Senior Years Learning Framework (SYLF), which may be studied in conjunction with accredited Year 12 qualifications including Victorian Certificate of Education, Vocational Education and Training, or International Baccalaureate Diploma Program.

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